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“These pieces hum with a steady, surreal stream of consciousness that is at once relateable as well as beautifully unique.” (reviewed by Jesi Buell, Red Paint Hill)

“…but I sure remember Lookbaby.  Its a damn fine book…” (Paul Corman-Roberts, founder, Beast Crawl)

from “Figurines”
Day Twenty-Seven:   To bribe them into following direction, I write them “things” – toys and gadgets – to entertain themselves. Each of them plays alone. I have inadvertently given them props, which suits them fine, but they begin wiggling out of their designated spaces and walking around to touch each other. They return to their talking, their thinking. Some of them embrace and begin to feel. I have lost total control, they have made babies.
“Figurines” (full version)
“MJ” (inspired by Frank O’Hara’s style, about Michael Jackson, written in Denver)