8 Years as a Psych Nurse!


This week marks 8 years of being a Psychiatric nurse.   I have worked in Denver, Bay Area, NYC, North Carolina, and Albuquerque.   I’m blessed to have a career, that although it can be very challenging, has allowed me to work all over the country and to have driven to all these places, seeing the places in between.

Mental health is a serious issue that doesn’t get the attention it needs from the healthcare industry or from society.   After 8 years I still wish it could be talked about more and that people with these issues were respected more on numerous levels.

I have worked with patients who are very intelligent and, when they get the right treatment, are very functional.

I have seen people who have *nothing* and those who have *everything* who face depression, ptsd, mania, psychosis and more.

Thanks to all the psych nurses and families who are there for people with mental health issues.     #davidwelper